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What You’ll Get as a Newsletter Sponsor

Every Timeless & Timely sponsorship includes two ads: one in the Tuesday edition of the main “Timeless & Timely” newsletter and one in a Saturday “Off the Clock” edition.

The main “Timeless & Timely” newsletter is a medium-length essay about some aspect of leadership, tied to an event or figure from history or literature. Saturday’s “Off the Clock newsletter is a fun essay, usually about some quirky aspect of language or history.

Your ad will be seen at the top of each newsletter, called out specifically for recipients to see.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities

Or perhaps you’d like to put your money where my mouth is. Let’s have a chat about you becoming a sponsor of the Timeless Leadership podcast.


Creative Requirements

Ads are text-only and can include one link.

You’ll supply the copy for the ad (maximum 200 characters, no emojis).

Both ads are sent to the Timeless & Timely subscriber list of about 10,000 people. You will be the sole sponsor of the issue in which you’re featured.

All ads are subject to editorial approval.

Reserve your sponsorship here! If you have any questions, please email ads@scottmonty.com.

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