Feb 19, 2021Liked by Scott Monty

Not regularly or every one of them, but quite often enough, I read your writings, Scott. And I've always liked your digital pen strokes. They usually touch a wide array of (business) themes and the result of your great (historical) research combined with your nods to history, always bring a smile to my face. I've liked history since I was in grammar school and I soaked all those stories up like a sponge.

With this one you really got me. A little apprehensive at first - because I got the reference to Clubhouse - I started reading it. Because it touches the for me so loved 'community' theme - which I still find hard to wrap my head around with Clubhouse (I'm on Android, so I'm not really sure). Again, the nods to historic settings inspired me to think further about community.

I'm writing this to thank you. Thank you for inspiring me, for making me think, for another great history lesson, and - of course - for putting me on the fence about Clubhouse. Hopefully, they'll launch their Android app soon 😊

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