"We fear the unknown and we fear what we can't control" - man, that's the tagline for my start to 2020! In January, I made the decision to go freelance full time. I have no idea what that will look like, if I can do it, etc., etc. Everything is unknown, including some aspects of the work I love and do best.

Then, a post-holiday toothache led me to some of the worst pain and anxiety I've ever dealt with. Even the Great and Fateful Day of my dentist appointment was an unknown - I went in with 50/50 odds of a root canal or extraction. Just letting the dentist in my personal space was hard enough (old, non-dental triggers). Then it turned into a necessary extraction of a tooth that didn't want to let go. Talk about beyond my control!!

Your post is very timely, because I've been pondering the subject of fear. I've learned that some of my fear is instinctive (fight-or-flight responses); but it surprised me to realize how much of my reaction comes from the uncertainty, the lack of knowledge or experience. It does help to first face the fact that I feel afraid because I just don't KNOW - then to make myself follow my plan regardless of how I feel.

I put up a John Wayne quote where I can see it every day: "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway."

Thank you, Scott, for your post and resources! They'll help me get through the next steps!!

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