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I feel like senator Paul Simon from illinois should make your list of trustworthy bow tie wearers. We even have a part of route 55 that has a sign of a bow tie and calls it the Paul Simon highway.

He was the speaker at my law school graduation in 1987. I loved him as a senator. he told a story about a newspaper man who was killed for telling the truth whereby ending his speech by telling us that was the kind of commitment he expected of us as we enter the legal arena. I’m all about truth!!! but after three years of sacrifice and hard learning, I was looking for a little more upbeat message.

Throughout my career, I have thought back to his speech and wondered: where are the people still committed to telling the truth? they don’t need to die for the cause, but could we get some truth in here?

Thanks for your always entertaining, always wise lessons on leadership. I think you look handsome in your bow tie. I’d rather wear a dress but hey that’s me and my style. Ha!

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Scott, You sound fit to be tied.

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