Scott, I really like your "More isn’t better. Sometimes more is just more." - and it's bang on in my view. Some of the most impactful leaders that I've had the pleasure to work up close with have been the ones that have actually said the least.

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May 17, 2022Liked by Scott Monty

I remember the exact moment I learned this lesson and it was at my friend Stephanie's parents home. I was about 25. Her father, a noted anthropologist and professor at Western Michigan University, was engaged but very quiet through out the visit. When he finally spoke, however, time stopped and the words reverberated around the room. I thought, "Wow. I want my words to have that kind of impact and that probably means there need to be a lot fewer of them and a lot more purpose to them." Life changing.

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Concise wisdom - thank you.

It’s partly why I quit Twitter because I tired myself out having a ‘take’ on everything. Somehow this was related to depression & anxiety (now fixed by finding healthier ways to move through the world).

Perhaps one of the ailments of modern living is fear of invisibility coupled with envy for those who have ‘profile’. I now monitor social currents via LinkedIn only & recognise how many fragile-seeming people clamour for attention with little to really say.

This came about when it became possible to quantify our relevance via social media. I imagine they use their LinkedIns as I use my Fitbit.

I’m no different (I notice a nagging anxiety if my latest newsletter receives little attention & I’m posting my take here) but awareness enables me to dial that neediness down substantially.

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