Oct 1, 2021Liked by Scott Monty

Hi Scott,

Great JIT messaging. It's almost like you've been reading my mind ... not just this update, but for a while. I'm guessing that we're scanning a similar landscape and seeing cues and events that aren't what we'd expect or hope for, but your timeliness, despite your Timeless branding is always on point. And to be honest, it takes me a little more time to digest what you seem to fast synthesize.

Regardless, Intentionality with/by/from David is what I need, right now. I know that my true north is set, and I think listening to the podcast, and revisiting Timeless Leadership, is exactly what I need at this important point in my career.

Thank you for the perfectly timed, as it always seems, content, and exposing me to ideas that I'd have never considered or had a blind spot for.

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