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Who Is Your Émenince Grise? 🎧Listen now (6 min) | Leaders need trusted advisors
Is the Past Really Prologue? 🎧Listen now (7 min) | The future isn't etched in stone. But it is determined by our actions.
The Basis of the Best Relationships 🎧Listen now (7 min) | Spoiler alert: it takes time to get there
Leadership Can Be Like the Dog In the Night-Time 🎧Listen now (10 min) | On the need to see and to observe
Leadership in an Uncertain Future 🎧Listen now (7 min) | Leadership means being prepared for the worst even when things look good
It's all about being intentional
How Much Is Enough? 🎧Listen now (9 min) | Insatiable desires lead us down a path that may be lonely at the end
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