Who Is Your Émenince Grise? 🎧Listen now (6 min) | Leaders need trusted advisors

October 2021

Is the Past Really Prologue? 🎧Listen now (7 min) | The future isn't etched in stone. But it is determined by our actions.
The Basis of the Best Relationships 🎧Listen now (7 min) | Spoiler alert: it takes time to get there
Leadership Can Be Like the Dog In the Night-Time 🎧Listen now (10 min) | On the need to see and to observe
Leadership in an Uncertain Future 🎧Listen now (7 min) | Leadership means being prepared for the worst even when things look good

September 2021

It's all about being intentional
How Much Is Enough? 🎧Listen now (9 min) | Insatiable desires lead us down a path that may be lonely at the end
Smoke & Mirrors 🎧Listen now (11 min) | The audio edition of the weekly essay

June 2021

Character Defines Success Amid Uncertainty (Audio Version)Listen now (10 min) | 🎧
In It Together (Audio Version)Listen now (9 min) |

May 2021

Resilience: Where Do You Find Your Inner Strength? 🎧Listen now (10 min) | We all run into difficulties. Challenges that perhaps we didn’t anticipate. And when these roadblocks pop up, we’re judged by how…
The Humanity of the Pickle Barrel (Audio Version)Listen now (8 min) | You would think something “soft” like humanity would be glossed over these days, but I’ve found that it’s a subject people are…