To Be Trusted, Demonstrate Trust

It starts with integrity, competence, and benevolence


“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”  ― William Shakespeare, c. 1608 


Imagine having your financial future secured as a toddler.

One of the great points of pride about young Finn Taylor’s life was that by the age of two, he was a landowner. When he was still a baby, his grandfather gave him the deed to a sizable parcel of land called Ivy Island.

And from his youth, he reminded anyone who would listen that he was a landowner. It was drilled into his head at home, as his parents asked him to remember the family when he came of age and took possession of all of that property.

But he didn’t let it change him — he still gladly played with the neighborhood children, even though in his head he knew he would be a wealthy landowner one day. It didn’t change him — until he turned 10, that is.

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