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The Missing Day

And a way to make more time for yourself

A day is missing from the calendar.

Just gone. Vanished. Stolen.

Who absconded with 24 hours and why would they do such a thing? More importantly, what am I even talking about?

It all ties in with Leap Year (2024 happens to be one of those).


In conjunction with that, I’ll be speaking at ActiveCampaign’s #MakeMoreTime Leap Day Extravaganza — a round-the-clock airing of free sessions to help you become more efficient and effective.

My 15-minute session, Taking the Time to Avoid the Common Mistakes of a First-Time Leader, airs at 9:15 pm PST on February 28:

The first time we’re given a leadership position, it’s exciting and daunting. Exciting that our expertise and potential has been recognized, but daunting in that it’s something we’ve never done before. In making this shift from individual contributor to executive, it’s important to remember that what got you here isn’t what you need to get you to the next level.

In this session, executive coach and communications strategist Scott Monty will give you three essential lessons — tips he gives his coaching clients — that will help you be successful in your journey as a first-time leader.


So join me. Register for free at All talks will be available as replays.

There’s so much to learn,

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