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Episode 59: The Lincoln Project with Rick Wilson

Episode 59: The Lincoln Project with Rick Wilson


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If you were faced with the prospect of losing your business, losing friends, and being ostracized in your industry for simply doing what you thought was right, do you think you be able to do it?

That's exactly the scenario that faced Rick Wilson, co-founder of The Lincoln Project and 30-year advertising veteran for Republican political candidates. When he chose to break from the party to stop Donald Trump, he lost nearly everything. He was humiliated and horrified, but he didn’t trade his morals for money.

Our discussion includes the origin story of The Lincoln Project and its methods, the impact of social media and tightly controlled vertical platforms on society, and Elon Musk's decimation of Twitter.

It's all tied to human nature, integrity, and the courage to make hard choices when faced with moral quandaries.

Becoming a subscriber isn’t a moral quandary. It’s a moral imperative.


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