May 24, 2021 • 10M

Resilience: Where Do You Find Your Inner Strength? 🎧

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Scott Monty
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The Thorny Path by Thomas Couture, 1873 (public domain - Wikimedia Commons)

We all run into difficulties. Challenges that perhaps we didn’t anticipate. And when these roadblocks pop up, we’re judged by how we respond.

You’ve seen the kind of leader who is persistent and determined. They have what some people might call “grit” — that sense of toughness as they power through.

Gritty, the aptly-named mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers, is the personification of this kind of feisty fierceness.

But here’s the thing about grit: grit develops as you go. It’s akin to a callous. Grit comes from without.

Grit isn’t the source of endurance and resilience; joy is. And joy comes from within.

There’s a set of values in leaders that make resilience possible — values that are deeply woven into their personalities.

Please enjoy this audio version of the publicly available essay on resilience. The follow-up essay and related links—available to subcribers—can be found here:

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