May 14, 2021 • 57M

#9 Humanity

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Scott Monty
Explore the timeless principles and virtues that accompany successful and admirable leaders, as Scott Monty interviews executives, authors, and entrepreneurs.
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This week on Timeless Leadership, the topic is Humanity and why it's the most important element of excellence.

  • "Soft" skills vs. "hard" skills - we seem to have the concepts reversed.

  • Putting more focus on elevating women's voices in the leadership suite and marketplace.

  • The difference between "resume virtues" and "eulogy virtues."

Tom Peters has been chasing excellence for 43 years. Beginning with his landmark book In Search of Excellence, he has made a career of calling out the exemplary behavior in leaders and castigating that which needs to change.  His latest book—which he says is his last—is the final salvo for excellence, stated with urgency: Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism.

"What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career."


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