Apr 16, 2021 • 1HR 1M

#5 Optimism

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Scott Monty
Explore the timeless principles and virtues that accompany successful and admirable leaders, as Scott Monty interviews executives, authors, and entrepreneurs.
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This week on Timeless Leadership, we'll be discussing the role of Optimism and leadership with Harry Cohen, Ph.D.

Specifically, heliotropic leadership.

  • What is heliotropic leadership?

  • Why is being the sun so important?

  • What are some techniques we can use to invite positivity?

  • How we can go from knowing to doing

Harry Cohen, Ph.D. is an executive and leadership coach, a psychologist, and owner of a popular Ann Arbor restaurant. He developed the principles in his book Be the Sun, Not the Salt as a way to encourage his clients to be their best selves.


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