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Episode 45: Say Thank You For Everything with Jim Edwards

Episode 45: Say Thank You For Everything with Jim Edwards


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To disabuse you of what might be your first reaction: this interview is not about gratitude — although that’s part of one of the lessons.

Jim Edwards sent out an email years ago with 19 bits of advice for a colleague who was taking a leadership position. Little did he realize that the email would not only be a set of timeless principles for any manager, but that he would add more to it — including many true, harrowing, and funny anecdotes — enough to warrant an entire book.

Jim joins Timeless Leadership to discuss many of these stories, as well as tactics and strategies to help you become a more effective leader, no matter what level of management you’re in.

You’ll especially want to hear the story about his worst job that led to him discovering the three most important things about leadership.



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