Mar 3, 2022 • 54M

#32 A Bias Toward Action

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Scott Monty
Explore the timeless principles and virtues that accompany successful and admirable leaders, as Scott Monty interviews executives, authors, and entrepreneurs.
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When you're stuck in the grind or are just burned out by the endless cycles of... [gestures wildly], the easy solution is to just go with the flow.

But there are times when the world requires more of us. And the bottom line is, no one is going to make decisions about our best interest except us.

Adam Singer, a tech marketing leader, has changed jobs and even famously relocated from the Bay Area to Texas to achieve more balance and to make the system work for him.

In this conversation, he shares his secrets of success, his advice for anyone trying to find their way out or up, and the secret hack code for life.

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