Nov 11, 2021 • 53M

#23 Influence

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Scott Monty
Explore the timeless principles and virtues that accompany successful and admirable leaders, as Scott Monty interviews executives, authors, and entrepreneurs.
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This week on Timeless Leadership (available everywhere you get podcasts), the topic is Influence.

“Influencers” get a lot of press, and not all of it is good. But rather than focusing on influencers and influencer marketing, Jason Falls focuses on influence: where does it come from? What are the principles behind it? And how can you prepare yourself to influence others, whether you’re a fashionista on Instagram or the CEO of your company?

As you would guess, the concepts are universal. We cover topics like:

  • Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion

  • The Five Key ‘Tudes of Audiences

  • The difference between popularity and influence

  • The intersection of technology and humanity in driving influence


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