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Episode 19: Attentiveness with Len Herstein

Episode 19: Attentiveness with Len Herstein

This week on Timeless Leadership, the topic is Attentiveness.

When we’re leading — particularly in moments of success — it’s common to let our guard down. To take our eyes off the ball for a moment.

It’s at that very moment that we need to be more attentive, more vigilant, than ever. And that’s what Len Herstein writes about in his new book Be Vigilant! Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improve Performance, and Safeguard Success.

Len talks with us about the connection between his volunteer police job and business, and has these takeaways:

  • Steps you can take to avoid crises through threat awareness and management, scenario planning, and strategic communication.

  • Assessment tips to help focus efforts on what went wrong, and what went right, after every project—and how to learn from both.

  • The strategy of simple, sensory-based reminders to enforce positive behaviors at the workplace and at home.

  • Better management accountability and protection against harmful organizational complacency through a more engaged team.

Not to mention some dynamite quotes like this:

“Success is not the goal. Keeping it is.” — Len Herstein


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